Fall Color Tours

Fall Color Tours has been replaced by a new, shorter and simpler event -- the Clinton Autumn Turn. Please check out that page for the train ride, and to book tickets!

The new event is so different from Fall Color Tours that we gave it a new name. We want our passengers knowing they are getting a different sort of train ride. Please check it out!

Clinton Autumn Turn



About the new event, and how it differs

For a long time, our volunteer Board of Directors has been considering a revamp of the Color Tours. It's been a successful event, but only for the few who could get a ticket! There were also big problems with accessibility that made us unable to take tour groups at all.

So here's what we changed.

First, it's a shorter ride. This allows more runs per day, which allows everyone to get tickets - we hope!

The run's turnaround point is not a good place to step off, so the train will not make an extended layover for refreshments. (this was annoying anyway, for those with disabilities.) We will have cider back at the Museum/gift shop.

The train leaves from our Clinton location rather than Tecumseh. Clinton has a historic downtown, and of course you can visit Tecumseh on your own - it's just a few miles away. Accessibility to trainside is much better for the mobility impaired, and we *can* consider tour buses in this location.

Being a briefer ride, the train covers about 2/3 of the territory of 2016 runs. What you miss is the residential backyards of northern Tecumseh, and the numerous tedious stops at road crossings.

Lastly, the route change allows us to get some important work done on our bridges this year, before the snow flies. Our nonprofit organization owns this railroad lock, stock and barrel - and we're taking on some of the biggest maintenance projects we have ever done.