2018 Fall Color Tours

Train in fall color
Clay Saren

The Fall Color Tours return to Tecumseh

The event runs weekends in October. The October 13-14 runs are in the middle of the Appleumpkin Festival.

More changes in 2018!

Fall Color Tours has long been overwhelmed with riders. In 2017 we tried more trips per day and shorter trips - even with 70% more seats, the event still sold out in a few weeks. Some people liked it, some people didn't.

So we're working to design a happy compromise that'll bring a lot more seats but also make the longer ride available to those who want it.

This much for sure: we're running out of Tecumseh again!

We are staying with "book the car you actually ride" and the open-air car will continue to be refundable for weather. Or you can reserve in the historic interurban coach, Chicago South Shore #1. You can also book the entire Memorial Caboose exclusively for your party. The caboose seats about 18 at windows, plus another dozen or so seats which are not at windows.

Buy tickets here!

Tickets will appear on your credit card statement as Ticketbiscuit or Whistletix, a company which makes online ticketing possible for us. No depot in Tecumsh. For "Will-Call" or any ticket check-in, see the train conductor.


DEPARTS: from DOWNTOWN TECUMSEH -- Evans St. at Chicago Boulevard (M-50) and the tracks. Check the website for final location.

PARKING: Go around the block. There is plenty of parking behind the businesses in all four corners of downtown, and plenty of street parking in those blocks.

RESERVATIONS are strongly recommended. Please use our Reservation form or call our Ticket Hotline at 734-396-0416. Tickets will appear on your credit card statement as Ticketbiscuit or Whistletix, a company which makes online ticketing possible for us.

DATES: October 6, 7, 13*, 14*, 20, 21, 27, 28
*These dates leave amidst the Appleumpkin Festival.

TIMES: To Be Determined
If you're riding the 4:00 trip, shop Tecumseh before your ride, as most shops will be closed on your return. Some restaurants will still be open - check with the restaurant.

TRAIN FARES: TBD, expect $20-24 for longer trains, $12-16 for shorter, kids about 40% off.
Includes service fees for online advance purchase. Walk-up tickets lower; phone purchase slightly higher.

Seats in the open-air gondola only are refundable for weather - rain or temperatures under 50 at train time - whether actual or expected in the next-day weather forecasts. One refund per customer per season - do not book multiple dates. Call or email for refunds within 48 hours of train time. You must wait until the night before, but we recommend you hold off final decision until the morning of, due to Michigan's ever-changing weather. Or you can wait until train time. You can even come to Tecumseh and play it by ear -- the shops, antique stores and restaurants make a delightful plan "B". Just make sure you contact us within 48 hours AFTER train time.

RESERVATIONS: Go to our Reservations Page to book in advance. Tickets will appear on your credit card statement as Ticketbiscuit or Whistletix.

Sold out? We are working to add capacity. Join our email list for the latest news on that.

MOBILITY CHALLENGED persons: It is not possible to pull a car directly up to the train. There are handicap spots within 200 feet of the train, but those are shared with other downtown businesses. See our accessibility page for more info.

TOURS AND GROUP DISCOUNTS are not available during the Fall Color Tours. Please see our Tour Groups web page for other events all season.

We do not have a depot building in Tecumseh. See conductor for "will call" or lost tickets.