December 10 passengers

Please go to 320 Division St. / Clinton MI (Clinton not Ann Arbor) location instead of the location on your ticket. This is about 0.4 mile away. This is to reduce standing around outside in the windy cold. Go directly to the train, Will Call tickets are on the train. . Do not go to the office (Santa is in there). Your car will be nearby when you finish with Santa.

Since everyone switched yesterday, we will not be serving the original location, the gate is closed and there is a sign.

Both December 9 and 10 are eligible for refunds per our refund policy below. Please get those refunds in! If you choose not to, your gift may be tax deductible, since we are a nonprofit charity.



Santa trains going up!!!

SMRS is an official location for Marine "Toys for Tots" donations! Come on by anytime during our Santa events.

Santa trains will depart from 301 Bartlett St, Clinton, MI 49236. Please be careful with Apple devices and other smart phones which will sometimes "help you" pick other locations.

We are not anywhere near Mount Clemens or Walled Lake.

Other trains depart from other locations. Do not "bookmark" this address and come here for different events, or you'll likely be at the wrong place!

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